You have lost, Mr Putin.

Oh sure, you will still kill, destroy, sow grief and disaster, but you have already lost because empires cannot be rebuilt, believe this from a Frenchman, and you cannot return to that absolutism of which you dream so much, believe this, too, from a Frenchman.

You have lost, Mr Putin, because Ukraine is resisting heroically, magnificently, and will resist until its righteous victory.

You have lost because you have closed the ranks of our Union as never before, our Union that is now taking on even the much hoped-for features of a political Union this very day.

You have lost because you have brought the two sides of the Atlantic, and you have lost, Mr Putin, because your people no longer believe you and do not accept that you are going to massacre their Ukrainian cousins.

You are not only a war criminal, Mr Putin. You are also an absolute nuisance to your own country, which you are leading into the wall – against its will.

Long Live Peace, Long Live Ukraine, Long Live Freedom, Mr Putin!

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