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The economic blows it receives hurt Putinism

Let’s state the obvious. No economic sanction against any regime has ever brought an economy to its knees. This is as true today for Russia as it was for South Africa, but international sanctions are nonetheless a most formidable weapon, because they cause industries to run out of steam, multiply financial difficulties and force their targets into a permanent search for uncertain and very costly byways.

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The vanguard of this country has already said no to you, Mr Putin

Plenary speech in the debate on the case of Zarema Musaeva in Chechnya

Mr President, the most extraordinary thing is that in Chechnya, in this land of absolute tyranny, of torture and of political assassination, there are still people as courageous as Ms Musayeva to stand up to Ramzan Kadyrov, the man-eater whom Putin has made his watchdog.

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Iran: Why so many gallows?

Mr President, why so many gallows? Why had been 250 hangings in Iran by the beginning of the summer? Why is this military theocracy continuing to kill at such a rate? This regime is afraid.

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Dear Readers,

welcome to this site.

It is not simply the webpage of the Member of the European Parliament, who I have become with great apprehension. Not of the journalist either, who I have been for half a century.

It is a wild ambition: I wanted to give a report on my work as an elected representative in Brussels and in Strasbourg, to continue to follow the evolution of world politics and to try to describe and decipher the stakes and the mysteries behind the scenes of the European institutions.

I wanted to create a multilingual site, to step across the borders that sometimes still separate us.

“Smithing makes the smith”, I hope you will bear with me.


Bernard Guetta


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