For us, peace is not just a moral duty.

It is also a necessity.

We owe peace to the Israelis and the Palestinians, but we also owe it to our own peoples, since this war is being exported to the EU, hindering the necessary co-development of the two shores of the Mediterranean and fuelling instability in our neighbouring countries.

So it is no longer enough to hammer home the words “two states”.

We can contribute to imposing this solution, and we can do this because the development, trade and economy of Israel and Palestine depend largely on our agreements and our support.

Our honour dictates to fight for values, but we are also the world’s second largest economy, a power that must defend the security, borders and interests of its citizens.

Because we want no more war, no more blood, no more shattered mothers and children, because we want peace, let us dare to find the means to achieve it.

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