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by YASCHA MOUNK – Harvard University Press 2018

Yascha Mounk’s book published last year
conquers both university reading rooms, but also many other agoras of
intellectuals. Only last month, I participated in two panel discussions
inspired by the book – in such different places as Istanbul and Łódź. Here the
reader can find a summary of the book – which I truly recommend.

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Dear Readers,

welcome to this site.

It is not simply the webpage of the Member of the European Parliament, who I have become with great apprehension. Not of the journalist either, who I have been for half a century.

It is a wild ambition: I wanted to give a report on my work as an elected representative in Brussels and in Strasbourg, to continue to follow the evolution of world politics and to try to describe and decipher the stakes and the mysteries behind the scenes of the European institutions.

I wanted to create a multilingual site, to step across the borders that sometimes still separate us.

“Smithing makes the smith”, I hope you will bear with me.


Bernard Guetta


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