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Will we be up to the challenge?

Courage has a name. It is called Navalny. The courage shown by this man, this courage to deliberately sacrifice his life to set an example for a muzzled country, the courage to brave death, laughing, smilingand showing irony in the face of his executioners to the very end, the courage to open up new roads for History with his bare hands defying a tyrant who is a war monger, a liar and a murderer, this courage not only commands admiration.

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Letter to the architects of hatred

Stop it! You, the leadership of Hamas and you, Benjamin Netanyahu, stop this bloodbath, stop bringing misery to your peoples, because you have the power to do so.

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One more effort, Europeans!

Let us bet on it. The day of 1 February 2024, when the 27 heads of state and government of the European Union allocated 50 billion in aid to Ukraine, could well go down in history as the day when the political Europe was born.

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The reinvention of the Union

This is it. It’s done, finally done. France, Germany and the whole of the European Union, with the exception of Hungary, have finally realised that by letting Vladimir Putin win in Ukraine, the 27 would soon be exposing themselves to the risk that he comes to test them in Estonia or on the Finnish border, divides them by fear of direct conflict and undermines their unity.

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The post-war era is over

There are some embarrassing truths. With less than six months to go before the European elections, when all the parties in the Member States are preparing to do battle and at the same time assert themselves on their national stage, how can we say that they are living in the wrong era and that the confrontations they are preparing for are largely futile and even harmful?

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Dear Readers,

welcome to this site.

It is not simply the webpage of the Member of the European Parliament, who I have become with great apprehension. Not of the journalist either, who I have been for half a century.

It is a wild ambition: I wanted to give a report on my work as an elected representative in Brussels and in Strasbourg, to continue to follow the evolution of world politics and to try to describe and decipher the stakes and the mysteries behind the scenes of the European institutions.

I wanted to create a multilingual site, to step across the borders that sometimes still separate us.

“Smithing makes the smith”, I hope you will bear with me.


Bernard Guetta


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