Speech in the plenary debate with the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas, on the EU’s role in a changing world and the security situation of Europe following the Russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine

He was convinced that there would be no Ukrainian resistance and he was wrong.

He was convinced that the 27 would not react and he was wrong.

He was convinced that the Americans would not move and he was wrong.

He was convinced the Russians would applaud him and he was wrong.

This so powerful strategist was wrong about everything, and we only have to prove him wrong on one final point.

Mr Putin must now understand that our nations are ready to resist him by arms and by abandoning his gas.

We, the Parliament, must call on our 27 governments to stop buying Russian gas and oil and to close Ukraine’s skies to Mr Putin. We must thereby demonstrate the will of the European nation to resist this war of aggression threatening our entire continent, but it will of course be for our governments to decide how and when to do so, knowing that they can rely on our determination and support in their necessary discussions with the Nero of the Kremlin.

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