Bernard Guetta

Published on 27 March 2019 by Flammarion

French, 224 pages

“I hesitated on what should be the first leg of the endeavour, but not on the necessity of this trip around the world in ten books. I have felt a calling for it growing in me since Great Britain chose to quit the European Union and the United States chose to take Donald Trump for their president.

If I did not want to end up blind and deaf, I had no other choice but to leave the comfort of the studio, where only my friends and an unmatched attention surrounded me, to give up this red armchair, hit the road, and take you with me. I had to return to the field, to hear, to see, to try to understand why the whole world, everywhere, is turning upside down.

So it happened that I found myself, on 16 August 2018, on an EasyJet flight to Budapest, the first capital to visit before Warsaw, Vienna and Rome, in this part of Europe that had chosen to bring the extreme right to power, and now… I listen, I observe, I take notes and I stay silent, whatever I hear, see or think.”

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