Plenary statement in the debate on the United States’ Plan for the Middle East

Bernard Guetta (Renew). – Mr. President, how very wrong he is! How wrong Mr Trump is with this peace plan, which is a peace plan only in its name, because, finally, Mr President, peace is not just a question of power relations. Peace, Mr President, must be based on enough equity to ensure a future of understanding and not just of co-existence.

Between Israel and Palestine, there will only be true and lasting peace on this one condition: equity. And that is not what you are proposing. So we will not support you, we will not follow you, but we will continue to tell our Israeli and Palestinian neighbours and friends that Jerusalem must be the shared capital of two peoples equal in dignity, security and well-being. Those who are blind will say that this is no longer possible, because the “faits accomplis” would prevail. But realism, the true realism, requires us to stick to the utopia of Justice, which always does and always must triumph in the end.

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