If I were the Chinese, I would get rid of him as soon as possible. I don’t know if they can do it. In truth, I doubt it, since this man is reigning terror at the top of his party after having eliminated his rivals in the name of the fight against corruption, but if China could still do so, it would be in its interest to replace him before he has cost it too much because…

Let’s try to take stock.

Mr Xi has so successfully silenced the young doctors who were warning about the emergence of Covid-19 that China is now considered to be responsible for a pandemic of which it was only the first victim. If I were the Chinese people, I would not congratulate him on this, and that is by far not everything.

Xi Jinping is also the man who sent a million Uighurs into concentration camps – to train them, his regime says – to train them to do forced labour and to abandon their culture, religion and traditions because according to the regime they would all be potential terrorists. After the relentless persecution of Tibetans, Mr Xi has now turned China into a genocidal power hostile to all its minorities, without exception.

This is not really a contribution to the reputation of a power that can aspire to be the number one in the world, but it is still not everything. By repressing Hong Kong and tearing up the handover agreement that his country had concluded with Great Britain, Mr Xi showed the five continents the vision that his regime has about its international commitments, freedoms and democracy.

In addition, Mr Xi also showed the Taiwanese people what “one country, two systems” meant to him. He has thus killed any hope of peaceful reunification of the two Chinas, the China of democracy and the China of dictatorship, and knows this so well that his only Taiwan policy is to exert constant military pressure on this island State, whose airspace he violates daily.

It is our right, he says. It is China, he answers to the questions. There is only one China, his regime insists, but if there is only one China, why should Communist China impose itself on Democratic China and not the other way round?

The answer is that military power is not on the side of the latter but on the side of the former and that it is not the ballot boxes but military power that counts in the eyes of Mr Xi, who is proving this day after day in the South China Sea.

There, his navy annexes disputed islands and islets that he transforms into advanced bases of his power. Mr Xi is imposing himself on his neighbours and, above all, on the Burmese people, crucified by a coup army that would be nothing without him. He believes he is contributing to the strengthening of his country, but he is doing nothing more than cementing the South China Sea and the whole of Asia in the rejection of a dictatorship that would like to ensure control of an entire continent before imposing itself on the world.

I don’t know about you, dear Chinese friends, but I wouldn’t call all these things successes.

Your president is so blind and megalomaniacal that he allowed Joe Biden to reunite all the rest of the Indo-Pacific region, led by India, Australia and Japan, behind the United States. It is not in China’s interest that Mr Xi is working, but to its detriment, and the best example of this is the incredible blunder he has just made in Europe.

Your diplomats managed to sign an investment agreement with the European Union in December. It was well done. By making concessions to the Europeans when Joe Biden had not yet taken office, your president had been able to drive a wedge between the democracies, but as soon as he had done so, he shot himself in the foot.

On the grounds that the EU had sanctioned those responsible for the crimes committed against the Uighurs, Mr Xi had leaders of all the political groups in the European Parliament and even its Human Rights Committee sanctioned en bloc. One doesn’t sanction China, he argues, but the European Parliament is therefore no longer willing to examine this draft agreement, which the majority of its members would have been ready to ratify.

By betting everything on sheer force, Mr Xi has not only isolated himself from the European Union but he has also encouraged a tightening of Euro-American ties as spectacular as the rapprochement between the United States and Asia. Two blocs are emerging. The European, North American and Asian democracies on one side; China, Iran and Russia on the other. So yes, dear Chinese friends, before he leads not only you but the whole world to disaster, try to get rid of this public danger, inept and inflated in importance, who is called Xi Jinping, the Ubu of Beijing.

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