We must be able to see our successes. Not in order to humiliate anyone, and even less to get drunk on it, but in order to finally become aware of our strength.

United, united as never before among European partners and among American and European allies, we have given Mr Putin food for thought. He must have weighed up the risks of sanctions, of isolation and especially of a tête-à-tête with China, a tête-à-tête that is very much to the contrary to Russia’s true interests, and now he is talking about diplomacy, negotiations, and the search for an agreement.

Well, we’re ready for that, Mr Putin: let’s talk about security, but let’s not just talk about your supposed concerns. Let’s also talk about the facts, about your interference, your troop concentrations, your refusal to let your neighbours choose their destiny and their allies.

Reassure us Mr Putin; reassure your neighbours. Keep their friendship by respecting their freedom instead of making them adversaries by threatening them and helping to oppress them as in Belarus.

Reassure yourself too, Mr Putin, since you are worried. We only aspire to peace, stability and cooperation. As partners and allies, we must now consult each other and finalise the proposals to be made to you. We will be ready, but peace, a lasting peace that would benefit our common continent, it is up to you, Mr Putin, to clear the path for it.

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