Speech at the plenary session in the debate on the Union’s reaction faced with the growing repression against the protest movements in Iran

Madam President, there will never be “normalisation” in Iran. A return to the status quo ante is now impossible because the protests have become too widespread and the repression too harsh for the regime to take things back under its control.

The theocracy is in agony, but what about tomorrow? It is not impossible that scenes of fraternisation between demonstrators and police will multiply and that this power will brutally collapse. However, the most likely scenario is that we will first go through a phase of militarisation of the regime which would see the Guardians of the Revolution take over from the clergy. This is the most likely hypothesis, but this military phase would only last a short time because the Pasdaran would then face the double opposition of the population and the less obscurantist part of the clergy who would want to limit the retreat of the faith.

A new page turns for Iran, a page for women, for life and for freedom.

Video recording of the speech

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