How not to become a Lepéniste

Op-ed published in the Libération on 11 June

Yes, of course, these results are overwhelming almost everywhere, especially in France. With extreme right-wing parties adding up to some 40% of the votes cast, France has clearly been weakened by these European elections and could soon be even weaker, tragically so, if the early elections that Emmanuel Macron decided to call on Sunday were to give power to the Lepénistes in less than a month’s time.

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“Let us work to ensure that the end of the East-West confrontation is the beginning of a new era of continental democracy and prosperity.”

Collective op-ed published by Le Monde on the 1st of April

In an address to the Russian people, four presidents of European parliamentary groups, including Manfred Weber (European People’s Party), Stéphane Séjourné (Renew) and Manon Aubry (La Gauche), explain that the only threat to Vladimir Putin is “his fear that Ukraine could become a successful and prosperous democracy”.

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Don’t be scared to scare Putin

Speech at the debate on the next European Council meeting due on 21-22 March

You are the real power, not the only one, but the most decisive, by far. So speak the truth, because the situation demands it, from Ukraine to Gaza, the two major items on your agenda.







Saving the Democracy in Israel

On 27 March I hosted the conference "Saving the Democracy in Israel" in the European Parliament, organised jointly with JCall and Centre Communautaire Laïc Juif de Bruxelles (CCLJ David Susskind).

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Dear Readers,

welcome to this site.

It is not simply the webpage of the Member of the European Parliament, who I have become with great apprehension. Not of the journalist either, who I have been for half a century.

It is a wild ambition: I wanted to give a report on my work as an elected representative in Brussels and in Strasbourg, to continue to follow the evolution of world politics and to try to describe and decipher the stakes and the mysteries behind the scenes of the European institutions.

I wanted to create a multilingual site, to step across the borders that sometimes still separate us.

“Smithing makes the smith”, I hope you will bear with me.


Bernard Guetta


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