Speech at the 23 October 2019 plenary debate of the European Parliament on the Turkish military action in Syria

Madam President, let’s see things as they are, and let’s speak clearly.

The potential creation of a Syrian Kurdistan on the Anatolian border can be regarded as an intolerable threat to the territorial integrity of Turkey.

If we did not understand this, the entry of Turkish troops into Syria would remain inexplicable, but is this military adventure admissible?

It is not, Mr Erdoğan, because it only multiplies the pain and resentment of Kurds, Kurds of Syria just as much as Kurds of Turkey.

It is not, Mr Erdoğan, because what are you going to do now? Are you going to stay in Syria and become an occupying power? Or are you going move out, leaving behind hatred and a desire for revenge?

It is not, Mr Erdoğan, because you are giving new strength to Daesh, you are weakening the Atlantic Alliance and you rekindle the rivalries in the powder keg of the Middle East.

There is neither wisdom nor vision in what you are doing, Mr Erdogan.

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