It would be an insult to you to remind you of this. An election of Mrs Le Pen would mean that Vladimir Putin would no longer have to fear a strengthening of the economic sanctions against his war, since the most important European decisions are taken unanimously and she would oppose them.

With Mrs Le Pen at the Elysée Palace, Mr Putin would have his hands free in Ukraine and, faced with the danger of seeing him triumph and soon attack Moldavia and then Georgia, many States of the European Union would decide to take action outside of the Union, following the United States and Great Britain. This would be the end of the common front that the 27 had been able to put together in this war, and this tearing apart would be so serious that the whole Union would be shaken, that the common Defence project for which it has just laid the foundations would be quickly forgotten, and that the affirmation of the Union as an player on the international scene, as a political union, would be all the more compromised because Mrs Le Pen is absolutely hostile to it.

It would be a double insult to remind you that the election of Mrs Le Pen would thus offer to Mr Putin the possibility to triumph at the same time over Ukraine and over the European Union, over a country and over a Union whose existence he has always rejected because he wants to reconstitute the Russian Empire and especially not to have to deal with united European democracies, much rather disunited ones.

It would be a triple insult to remind you that with the Union defeated or put to sleep, the European Democracies would no longer carry much weight in a world dominated by China, the reconstituted Russian Empire, the United States and, soon, India.

It would be an insult to you four times to recall that by electing Mrs Le Pen, France would decide to no longer matter in the world and to prevent the other European democracies from keeping a political weight. It would be an insult to you since you know this, since everyone knows or feels this, but, no insult intented, would you allow this?

Would you go and abstain in two weeks?

Would you do nothing between now and then to convince your friends and relatives not to commit such a crime, not to allow France to be lowered, to restrict its freedoms and to place it on the side of Mr. Putin?

One cannot imagine it, because once the catastrophe has occurred, how would you explain this choice to your children and grandchildren who would ask you one day about the reasons that made you give up using your vote?

Would you tell them that the outgoing president was unbearably pretentious, a top of the class to whom everything in life had always smiled?

You would tell them that he had, it is true, reduced unemployment and avoided, in the middle of a pandemic, a wave of bankruptcies and layoffs by mobilizing, whatever the cost, the means of the State, but that this president was the one of the rich?

You would tell them that he had managed to convince the whole Union to borrow together to finance a common recovery plan, but that this president was a liberal, a Thatcherite ideologue at the service of the wealthiest?

You would tell them that he had helped make the fight against global warming a priority for the Union but he made a mockery of it because he hadn’t given up on nuclear power and hadn’t banned glyphosate fast enough?

Yes, you will tell them that because you will have nothing else to tell them and then you will see the look on their faces.

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