You read it. Then you read it again. You cannot and you don’t want to believe it, but it is really him who speaks of his own “great and unmatched wisdom”. Ceaușescu at least had one of his bards to say out these sort of things for him, but Donald Trump is his own herald and the only difference between him and the Genius of the Carpathians is that he sits in the Oval Office.

Let us confirm: the world’s leading economic and military power is not only in the hands of a huge weirdo, but equally in the hands of a megalomaniac fool.

I can already hear the objections: He is defending America, after all, and he does not give a damn about the rest of the world, except for the Chinese economic competition.

If it were true, if this were all there was to it, it would be reassuring, but it is not the case. The facts are there.

After this man had given the green light to the Turkish troops to enter Syria, it was his closest collaborators, his friends, those who have never left his side who rushed to the microphones to shout that the United States cannot abandon the Kurds to Recep Erdogan, cannot drop them, not the least because he could not have defeated ISIS without their heroism. Alarmed, these fervent supporters said that such a decision would be much more than just a moral error: there is nothing more serious than the United States betraying his allies this openly, this cynically, now that they ceased to be useful.

These faithfuls to the President did not go further, but what we understood was that the United States could not dishonour itself this much, after it had done nothing to avenge the bombardment of the oil fields of its Saudi allies by the Iranian Guardians of the revolution.

It was too much: too much bullshit, too much ignorance about everything for them to let it happen without expressing their panic.

Their protests convinced the clown of the White House. In his “unmatched wisdom”, Mr Trump changed his mind, but that did not impress Recep Erdogan, who without any fear of the United States or their president, entered Syria. He is bombing the Kurds, and now we cannot possibly say any more that this Genius of the Potomac is hiding a supreme intelligence under his apparent stupidity. Behind his great deliria, Mr Trump is not hiding anything but a tragic delirium.

For America, and for the world, this president is an immense danger that has to be pulled back from power as fast as possible, by a vote in Congress or by the vote of the American people. This is all the more evident as in the wake of this tweet you could hear a unanimous voice on the corridors of the European Parliament for a common European Defence, a unanimity so complete that even Poland, the most Atlanticist of the European countries wished to affirm its support for a European Defence Fund.

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