We owe them for the defeat of ISIS, the liberation of Mosul and Raqqa, the saving of tens of thousands of Yazidi people who escaped from sexual slavery and from brigades of children-soldiers. In other words, we owe them for the victory of humankind against the most unlikely barbarism, because as the international coalition struck from the air, it was the Kurds who were on the ground, brigades of men, brigades of women, mixed brigades, advancing metre-by-metre and falling in great numbers.

We should all bow our heads before them. Finally, we should have supported the age-old aspiration for a nation-state of this people, who have always been betrayed and to whom, already at the end of the First World War, the great powers promised a united state with secure borders. The Kurds believed them, but Europe and the United States ended up dispersing them among Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey.

So, they took up arms and fought against the Turks and Saddam Hussein. “Terrorism”, the latter said. It often was true, but in the end they managed to attain their autonomy in Iraq. They were on the way of securing it in Syria, and there happened, as always, that they scared everyone. Recep Erdogan already saw them uniting their Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian territories. The United States already saw Turkey giving our their whole shop to Russia, out of fear of losing Kurdish Anatolia, and then happened what was to happen.

With Donald Trump giving them the green light, Turkey decided to move in to Syria to push back the Kurds and to create “a security zone”. Officially, it wanted to settle a part of the Syrian refugees on its territory. It will probably try to do so, too, but its real objective is to prevent that the Kurdish populations join up and to gain a foothold in Syria to ensure a Kurdish unification never happens in the future, either.

The heroes are betrayed, by the same people as always, by us, Westerners, who owe so much to these proud fighters


The Renew Europe group at the European Parliament, in a letter signed by almost 250 Members of every political affiliation, called on Commission Vice President Federica Mogherini to lay the grounds of a strong and global European response to the crisis in the North-East of Syria. The head of the European diplomacy has also been invited to initiate a dialogue with the Turkish authorities in order to be able to find a durable solution to this crisis.

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